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DSB always has a CFA (Customer First Approach) and we cater to your below needs:


We are a young and energetic team with a combined experience of over 3 decades in Software Consulting, Digital Transformation and Training.

The Core of every strategy is your client. Your client has ever changing demands and prefers a personalized approach. So the one for all rule is no longer applicable. Organizations need to be able to adapt and grab the attention to convert the loyalty of their customers. With the advent of IR4.0 came the revolution of technology advancements in AI, RPA, iOT and Big Data.

DSB’s motive is to stay on top of these emerging and to-stay technologies and bring your Organization world class products and solutions in this competitive world.

What We Do

With every organization going Digital, they are struggling to manage their Customer Experience across all channels. DSB helps Companies to not only manage but also increase their Customer Experience across all Channels via various Digital products and solutions.

We help you with solutions to have the best Employee Engagement because as the saying goes, “If you take care of your Employees, they will take care of your Customers”.

We provide World class training in both IT and Soft Skills through our partners for India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and few other countries in APAC.

Are you moving your Org to the Cloud? We provide the best in consultancy to help you in the journey to optimize the usage and minimize on the cost of moving to the Cloud.

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For all your Digital Transformation and Training needs – We are here to help you and you Team to succeed